About CMW Professional Services


CMW Professional Services is solely owned and operated by me, Christina Wheeler. I spent many years working as an administrative assistant, first with an international banking organization, and then with smaller, family run businesses. I can honestly say that I have more than fifteen years of experience in all facets of keeping business moving, by providing seamless support wherever and whenever needed. I love a challenge, and promise never to sacrifice quality for speed. That being said, I am a whiz at deadlines!

My outgoing personality allows me to interact with clients and staff members at all levels, as well as all personality types. You will find me to be personable, reliable, self-motivated and goal-oriented. Working out of my home office makes me a greater cost- and time-efficient employee.

Better than most, I can understand that sometimes it just isn’t feasible to maintain costly support staff. That’s where Virtual Assisting comes in.

I call it “Your Portable Office” because I’m just a phone call, text message, fax or e-mail away. And when necessary, I am available at any time of day.

It’s a whole new way of doing business. Flexible, reliable, and custom-fit to the needs of the client.

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Perhaps you’d like to know more about my qualifications.


Responsibility: accustomed to being in positions of and accepting responsibility, self-motivated, and willing to set goals and achieve them

Communication: articulate when speaking and writing, able to act as liaison between different personalities, comfortable and effective when communicating

Organization: use time and resources effectively, consider efficiency, planning and accountability to be very important

Computer Skills: including but not limited to all versions of Microsoft Office, Works, Adobe, QuickBooks, etc., with excellent Internet navigational skills

Office Amenities: Software: Microsoft Office 2003, Quicken 2006, AceFTP, WebEx PCNow, TimeStamp, Express Scribe, Electronic Fax and more; Hardware: 200GB hard drive, Scanner-Copier, Photo Printer, Cable/Modem

In my time as a Virtual Assistant, I have worked for a variety of companies, including Low Cost Smoke Shop (CA), Mike Shine Plumbing (CA), Elite Realty (CA), TLC 4 Dogs (CA), CMR Enterprises (IA), and Menu Planning Central (IL); on such projects as market research, database creation and entry, employee contracts, travel logs, editing and proofreading, personal budget trackers, desktop publications, and various business documentation including business templates, resumes, letters of intent, inventory logs, invoices and many more

Note: I am in the process of learning HTML and CSS coding and hope to soon list these among my services!

Your Portable Office

Keep your overhead down and your productivity up.

Let CMW Professional Services do all the work for you.

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