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What can a Virtual Assistant do for you? Here are some examples:


Proofreading/Editing A Virtual Assistant can check for grammar errors, consistency, readability, etc., in a manuscript, essay or other document (For more on Proofreading/Editing click here.)

Bulk Mailing A Virtual Assistant can send a monthly postcard to clients, a marketing letter to potential clients, newsletters to a subscription base, etc. Use of a Virtual Assistant can be particularly helpful to international individuals and companies who want to send out a mass mailing in the United States as domestic postage can be used when sending from a US Virtual Assistant’s home office.

Subscription Services In the case of a regular newsletter or informative e-mail that is sent to a subscription base, a Virtual Assistant will maintain the database; i.e., adding subscribers, deleting those who want to unsubscribe, following up on failed addresses, etc.

book-keepingBilling A Virtual Assistant can create, print and mail monthly bills to clients. Or, for associations that mail annual invoices for membership renewal, a Virtual Assistant can maintain a database of members with their due dates and send out invoices according to the schedule of each individual member.

Marketing Advertisements need to be written, placed, monitored, updated, printed and distributed. A Virtual Assistant can do all of these things, and more.

paperwork overload

Daily Paperwork Some documents must be completed daily, a Virtual Assistant can keep templates of those documents so that with either an e-mail or call-in of the information each day, the documents can be filled in and forwarded to you.

Research A Virtual Assistant can research the companies in a local area that provide a particular service; a list of individuals or companies (along with their addresses) to target for a marketing letter; rates that competitors are charging for similar services; information for an article or essay ; premium vacation spots; the most economical ways and places to advertise particular services; pricing on purchases from different vendors; etc. ( A particular favorite.)

Word Processing A Virtual Assistant can create new documents and templates customized to client needs and preferences. (This is where CMW Professional Services really shines!)

PowerPoint Presentations A Virtual Assistant can create presentations for new clients, staff training, educational materials and more.

Sales Materials A Virtual Assistant can design, print and distribute brochures, business cards, promotional postcards, and discount flyers.

Seminar Organizers A Virtual Assistant can send invitations and receive and log RSVP’s.

Seminar Presenters A Virtual Assistant can create and then distribute a questionnaire to be filled out by the participants prior to the presentation – and follow up with all participants to insure receipt.presenter

Newsletters A Virtual Assistant can create beautiful, professional, informative newsletters, as well as have them printed and distributed.

Database Management A Virtual Assistant can update contact lists with new entries, create a spreadsheet with potential new clients, update price lists, etc. Regular maintenance of a database is necessary to keep records current.

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